In the era of computers and social media we are going towards a virtual world. We dont even know how is our neighbourhood. Do you remember Town Squares at each town where there were daily meetings, auctions, events, forums and people get connected frequently ? It helped a lot of business owners to display and sell the products, Authors & social workers were getting a platform to share their thougths. So many activities were happening and people were used to get connected.

Mytownsquareonline is an unique approach to find & get connected with your local friends, stores, groups. No you dont need to go anywhere for this, All this is happening on the device you have.


  • Manage your information, profile, images, videos, businesses.
  • Get connected with the people from your local as well as globally.
  • Sell products online with your business Yellow page, Fulfil orders.
  • Check and post bulletins with an excellent bulleting board.
  • Post photos and get a chance to win the location wise photo contest.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is an excellent feature of MyTownSquare. Businesses can manage their yellow pages online. They can add all the business related information, logo and contact details. Keeping your business online is the need of hour. At the same time we are providing a service to you where you dont need to purchase a domain, hosting. You dont need to have a seperate agency to maintain all your digital needs.

So the most interesting part of this feature is that businesses can list their products, add sale, offers and give better service to the customers.


  • Promote your yellow-page to the local potential customers.
  • Manage your store information, customize logo, links.
  • Add products for sale, offers, manage orders, shipments.
  • Receive payments as orders completed, Keep selling products.
  • Add jobs and hire people to manage the growth of your business.

Bulletin Board

Can there be a digital board where you can see and post the nearby events, jobs, bulletins, offers, products ? Well, we have developed this feature for you.

In our website you will see a bulletin board where you will have access to all the nearby happenings, you can even post in the bulletins.

So suppose Tomorrow your dog is lossed, you can just create a bulletin and post it on the board with a nice photo and your contact information. And when someone will see him he can contact you.

Photo Contest

Is there any way where we can find a perfect photo, picture which depicts a location ? Yes, with our unique feature MytownPics, you can upload a photo of a location.

Users will see and react to the photos post and if they found it more accurate they will like it. The photo which will receive the highest likes will be announced as a Town Pic.

So Tomorrow if you want to see the perfect photo for New York, you can find it here or you can take part to change it.